This blog is still alive

There won’t be many readers wondering why I haven’t posted on here for a while but if you stumble on this page, yes it is still alive. In fact my last post, Which type of mapmaker are you? was my most successful ever in terms of views (it rocketed once it got a mention on TechCrunch!) but it also coincided with the start of a new job back in March.

I’m loving my new role and it’s been busy: in my first 3 months I’ve seen clients on 3 continents. My head is bubbling over with ideas for new blog posts but there’s just not been the time (except for a couple of posts on GIS strategy design over at the Exprodat blog). I’m now looking forward to some holidays and will hopefully be able to post new stuff here soon(ish).

Bye for now, and I hope you have a great summer – Thierry

P.S. Thanks to Steven Feldman for inspiring this blog post with his recent update 🙂

Flickr: Cynr (CC)

Flickr: Cynr (CC)


One thought on “This blog is still alive

  1. Your new job at Exprodat as “Principle Consultant: Strategic Consulting” left me wondering whether you are a consultant who plays a principal role, or a consultant on principles! Didn’t expect this from a UK based company! Thanks for your highly informative blogs in impeccable Queen’s English.

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