The red telephone box

Yesterday, on a Sunday family walk, I came across this red telephone box in Budleigh Salterton, Devon. I was strangely drawn to it. It wasn’t in the best state of repair but, being right on the beach and overlooking the sea, it had a real presence. Despite technological advances that now largely make it obsolete this phone box was, quite literally, standing its ground. It felt like a monolith out of Space Odyssey, its true purpose still waiting to be uncovered.


The red telephone box is not just an icon of design but also an incredibly well-proportioned cubicle. Within seconds, literally tens of ideas for alternative uses came to me. It could obviously be a Wifi hotspot or mobile phone charger, but why not a shower or heater cubicle (handy after a swim or surf), espresso vending machine, touchscreen web terminal, digital library, tyre inflator point, electric car charger, first aid dispenser, tourist information, light house, kite launcher, photo booth, exercise/physio stretch bar, hair dryer cubicle, immersive 3D / VR screen for education & entertainment, shoe polisher (with dog poo remover…), etc etc…

What else could it do? The red telephone box is clearly not done yet.


4 thoughts on “The red telephone box

  1. that’s an entrepreneur’s mind at work, what are you waiting for? forget about neo-geo, try phon-o-geo… start a movement to crowdsource-geotag these boxes… hint: there is one in Kuwait as a shower cubicke and at least one in Saudi as a quiet room for mobile users in a hotel lobby, I think. Keep calm an tarry on (in a red phone box)

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